MEE TUM ZAAD, Latest lady of seven dauthers who we finally found

11th July 2019 By thfabrictg

Handmade Thai Fabric | MEE TUM ZAAD – THfabricTG

■ This is mudmee silk fabric made by senior lady who sacrify almost whole life for it. THIS Mudmee silk fabric is another of Thai Silk fabric in “TUM” fammily, well known set of mudmee silk fabric of PhuThai most unique one.

■ Up to date, there are 7 “TUM” in this Mudmee silk fabric set. Following the believe on 7 dauthers who all have beautiful faces in the famouse local ancient tale – Suthonmanora. THfabricTG has collected 3 of them in our work studio. Others have been planned on afford them to be ours shortly.

This is the third member of “TUM” set, MEE TUM ZAAD comes with bright red-pink colour

■ As we do not want anything interferes its photos, we decided to post raw photos instead of edited ones. Right now, THfabricTG has presented 3 “TUM” to the world already. The first one and two “TUM” are MEE TUM YAI and MEE TUM LEK. This third MEE TUM ZAAD comes with bright red-pink colour.

All design of TUM ZAAD has still kept every single thing from the past

■ MEE TUM ZAAD was designed floral part in very details so it fits to young lady who love shining Pink with a bit red. All design of TUM ZAAD has still kept every single thing from the past.

All steps have been followed what previous generation did in the past 30 years. The only different thing is creator or weaver who has still looked for the new generation for the knowlede transfer.

Dr. Tiger, Thailand

Difficulty on finding the right person to be trained on handwoven knowledge transfer is now faced among PhuThai people in Esan, Thailand

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead

■ In the past, almost mandatory on keeping and transfering handwoven knowledge was succesfully done via PhuThai believe – “Tream Kerng” or “preparation of things before weding”. Unfortunately, this kind of believe has not mandatorated anymore. Instead, lady who is going to marry does not need to do “Tream Kerng” but commercialization of those must-use in weding event could be more easily done. This stuation lead to difficulty on finding the right person to be trained on knowledge transfer.

THfabricTG knows well on this situation and try to make connection with some Thai researchers or lecturors to find any appropriate solutions.

■ Problably, sharing and supportive from relavant stakeholders are needed for the best and appropriate solutions.