Mee-Whee Silk from Northeast, Thailand

11th July 2019 By thfabrictg
vintage Thai silk style ever

■ Mee-Whee, Thailans silk craft comes with shine orange pattern colour.

From the comb Esan female to the stunning pattern of Thai Mudmee fabric

■ From the comb Esan female using in their daily life to the stunning pattern of Thai Mudmee fabric.

■ Its pattern and colour reflex truely Thai Esan female from their past lifelihood.

Colour reflexs truely Thai Esan way of life

■ Thai vintage silk scaft or Thai silk fabric products, made from 100% Thailand silk.

■ Its floral design tells Phu-Thai, Esan or Notherneast, Thailand fasion on loving little bright colour of orange in the past.

Ladies Life style in the past have their own lifestye and fasion. Both floral or pattern part and colour in orange shade shift to brick colour which has popular for local home building 30 years ago

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG LEAD
Its colour in orange shade shift
to brick-looked

Like other Thailand silk scaft or Thailand silk fabric, this one is always be picked by young Thais to their respected seniors as a special gift for there beloves.

Ofcourse, Mee-Whee has its own unique pattern. Its floral part is not only refrected imagination of ther designer in the past but but also fasion as well

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead

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