“BENCHARONG” means 5 colours – Reason why it was named

12th July 2019 By thfabrictg
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■ Complex dye stainning techniques are needed in order to create fives colours on the product.

100% Thai Silk by Local Female Group of Kalasin. It is one that fomal Priminister Yingluk were during her trip to Khoawong, Kalasin Province

■ Among Handmade 100% Thai Silk and Cotton Fabric products, this is the most eligant product from Esan ethic group, Phu-Thai.

■ BENCHARONG is well known Handmade 100% Thai Fabric products which high skill on mudmee.

High Staining technique skills are needed and a few weavers are still created BENCHARONG

■ The pattern or floral part of “Ben-Cha-Rong” has direct meaning “5 colours” which including Black as the ground colour hamonizes with other four; Red, Yellow, Green and White.

most eligant product from Esan ethic group, Phu-Thai. This is well known Handmade 100% Thai vintage woven

■ One hundred percent of Thai silk is needed for the conventional dye stain process, Mudmee which is the name of step how some specific parts of the fabric can be stained but some cannot.

■ The fine rope will be used to tightly bound parts that the creator prefers not to be stained with the colour. This crucial step, each colour, one by one will be appied with personal high skill and technique needed, that was trained by people years ago.

Time for production is average 1.5 month

■ For sure, just a few persons could be reached for discussion with THfabricTG team at a time of our trip to Esan, Thailand. In addition, at least one month is needed to complete just only one set of “Ben-Cha-Rong”.

This Silk Fabric is quite Hardly ever seen. Thus, it is popular for those who are collectors

it is hard to complete one set of this special fabric but it even more harder to find new generation who love to learn and be tranfered this high level of art skill to the next generation – Lead of our team

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