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■ KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR are both PhuThai handmade cotton fabric. They were created using old traditional woven tool.

“Creative and different ways of thinking could change world in better way. Let new gen think and listen to them”

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead

■ The weaver needs to have skill on pushing two feets on wood sticks for generating the floral part. When wood sticks move down, the comb like part at lower chest will move up. This harmonized movement helps the weaver to place coloured rope, one by one. Finally, floral part will be shown depens on the pattern from mudmee step.

■ The floral parts of KAP KAW are similar to one found in KAP PHEE SEUR. Both are elegant by the weaver age about 70 years old. By naked eyes, both are charming and similar. Even, KAP PHEE SEUR has not much detail compared to KAP KAW but both are so beautiful.

These two cotton fabric, they were all created by hand

■ KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR have unique style as they were all created by hand. The old style of handwoven was used with feet pushing sticks.

KAP KAW, Known as the older sister. She comes with more details compare to her sister, KAP PHEE SEUR

■ Mudmee technique was used for dye staining. In the past, black colour came from bark of shellac. Nowaday, synthesis dye is more popular. The reason is that most Thai customers do not reqire easily destaining of natural dye source. Unlike, nonlocal people, natural dye stained fabric is higher value compared to the artificial dye stained one.

KAP KAW, the fabrics themselves, have no any expanded part at then edge of fabric. Unlike fabric in some another area

■ KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR have standard size 100 x 180 cm. PhuThai lady always wear both fabric as the long sleeve skirt. The fabrics themselves, have no any expanded part at then edge of fabric. Unlike fabric in some another area, the weaver connects the colourful part at the end of the fabric. For instace, Pha Sin Teen Deang of Puthisong, Buriram province. Without any connecting part, both KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR have unique single part for the whole fabric.

Pha Sin Teen Deang shows red part at the adge of the fabric, Credit: thai.biggo.com

■ Anyway, using mudmee technique, the weaver always designs recognizable floral line at around 10 cm before the end of fabric. With this line, no need to connect fabric with any expanded part at all.

■ These KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR were created by senior female, PhuThai people in Roi Et province. Mudmee technique was transfered 40 years ago from her mother. Interestingly, she can remember the whole details of floral pattern in her head without any note during mudmee step.

KAP KAW, the older sister of KAP PHEE SEUR

■ She said that only one thing she worry at this moment is, no new generation interests on creation step. Therefore, there is no one standby for her knowlede transfer.


PROJECT: Knowlede transfering of KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR

Project Objective

● THfabricTG to run the scholaship program to local student.

● Donors who interest on donation, please take this chance to support.

■ Currently, KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR have known as unique fabric of PhuThai ethnic group in Roi Et. As they become hardly ever seen in the market, local people ussually keep them as the fabric collections. Increasingly, they both are more popular for giving to the senior or repected persons.

■ THfabricTG knows well on the difficulty of knowledge transfer situation of these two local unique fabric. Therefor, if you are ready, we are going to make a different togather.

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