In my view, only creative thinking and interpersonal skill can win all difficulty when step out of safe zone. By well plan and way of systemic thinking, I have selected the right domain names, website builder and website hosting for the business. Who is me?  I am Dr. TIGER, the LEAD of lovely little THfabricTG team - the small team who has small step but we have the great goal.

Dr. Tiger | THfabricTG Lead

Looking though what Amazon and ebay do. We need to think only 10% similarity to them. That is enough for us to survive. Don’t stop dreaming.

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG LEAD

Phase I – Goal strategy (Thinking backward to end Feb 2018)

■ My own plan of life has officially started in May 2019 but I had thought the action plan before that time, almost 1 year. what I have though can be saperated into 4 phases – as goal strategy. Indeed, I began on having 6 domain names. With these 6 domain names, no one know if it could chage my life forever.

I love technology & my phone so much. I have felt this since I was ten. Most thing I like is my NOTE helps me almost things I need to do in every single day. I write blog, give advise to team or even sign documents.

For me, today I use and follow technology. In future, I will build one for the World and lead techs

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead

■ The first domain is one I planned on using it as the company’s domain name []. The next one for Official website []. The 3rd one for the shop []. The 4th one for alternative of my blog [].

■ The 5th one for my official WordPress blog [] and the last one for future used at a time of acquisition of THfabricTG by []. I has just thougth about this event at around end 2020.

■ I think, having the right domain names for my websites is the rigth thing to do for my business setting up. Anyway, more important steps afterward is, to find out the answer from a question – who are going to be my BEST websites buider and BEST websites keeper? This could be the good thing to do for every Leader in every business. Thanks to my sense and experience, ■ I did the right things! and know the right answer MY BEST WEBSIDE BUILDER AND BEST WEBSITE KEEPER – so far.


■ Now, I have done phase I. Luckily, everything is going well.Phase II – Goal strategy (May 2019 – July 2019)

■ my brain and creative thinking will be tools to further move to phase II. Now, my website is continuosly increased its traffic day by day. All digital MKT tools are used to drive my silk fabric business along with social support program.

■ Win-Win situation will be created at a time I enggage with local female groups on their supplying of fabric products. Then, do business with clever idea via World Class E-Commerce like Amazon and ebay.

■ While WordPress Pro website ( provides the wide space for my team to creatively generates contents that appriciate our clients, we also have e-commerce part that needs well management. As THfabricTG currently has 4 main inventories, ebay, etsy, amazon and WooCommerce.

■ The funny thing is that THfabricTG team currently has 4 members. I, Dr. Tiger as the Lead, Bonita, who is only one lady in our team. She helps me on writing of the text part of content creations. She also helps me on the first round proof reading step prior my finalization and sign off for content online. I have one Graphic design guy working on overall pre photography and post processing steps. The another last guy helps me on social support programs. For instance, unability people, senior and animal care programs and fabric knowledge transfer projects.

■ At this point, someone may has a question like: HOW MY SMALL TEAM CAN BALANCE BOTH CONTENTS PRODUCTION AND E-COMMERCE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT TASKS with by my small team? – only four of us.

■ My solution is so simple. With my experience on runing the online business and research on inventory managment point of view, the inteligent and easy to use software is the best choice to think off. LUCKY ENOUGH, I FOUND THE BEST ONE for setting up my business. THfabricTG | The hybrid of e-commerce and digital marketting content production business. For the Leader who proactively think about expanding business in World class level, BELOW IS MUST-HAVE & SUITABLE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FOR YOU.

■ For knowledge Transfer Project, THfabricTG has worked with local teacher, special fabric creator to fund local students on scholarship if they interest and willing to learn production process of some fabric.

Phase III – Goal strategy (July 2019 – July 2020)

The Knowledge Transfer Project - the current project to help and support Thai local female groups and smallholders. The project will also help on keeping knowledge of Kap Kaw and her sister for next generation

■ This knowledge transfer project is designed for managing difficulty situation of some silk or cotton fabrics that has no more next knowledge recieved generation.

■ With this project, local people will no longer face with dissappere of some special fabric due to regarded issue.

Knowledge transfer project is design to solve any difficulty due to fabric production steps infomation lost. It helps to keep the knowledge for our next generation

■ With project plan, voluntary students will be given scholarship for their strong heart to learn for 2 hours a day after school and during weekend. The fabric creator (as master of weaver) will be also funded on all matterials needed, learning place and time distribution. local Teachers who support on recruitment eligible & qualified students to the program could use all resouces & progress for their high quality porfolio on social supportive point of view. THfabricTG team will help on stakeholders coordination, drive the project and finding funding sources from kindly donors around the world – using all strategy & Digital MKT tools we have in place.

First refered special PhuThai fabrics, KAP KAW, known as SISTER of another refered fabric
First refered special PhuThai fabrics, KAP KAW, known as SISTER of another refered fabric

■ Win-Win situation will be the rope to engage all stakeholders togather. We, THfabricTG team, lead by Dr. Tiger will push and move the project faward till we all get our team acchievement. Now, the project donation is on its progress and we have almost done stakeholders engagement stage.

Another refered special PhuThai fabrics, KAP PHEE SEUR

■ The project could be ready officially launched (Grand Opening) at a time we get 50% of the total goal amount (15,000 USD). Ofcause, parts of the total of estimated budget is needed for buying food, transportation, materials, scholarships and other relavant expenses. At this moment, it is still so far from Knowledge Transfer Stage.


■ Total $


■ Total donors


■ For my perspective, with this amount of money, it will help to create the effective Knowlede Transfer Project for two special PhuThai fabrics, “KAP KAW” & “KAP PHEE SEUR” for our new generation.

Phase IV – Goal strategy

■ THfabricTG business is flexibly planned to cover all IT & MKT solutions to other groups of smallholders from the begining. In this last phase, the business will no longer focus on fabric business in only Thailand but also all countries around us. More qualified staffs might be recruited at around August 2020.

■ THfabricTG group would sustainably run business under new company name “ThaiFabricHandmade”. With this shaping period, expanding business targets to other parts of Southeast Asean should be fit to original plan.

■ Anyway, THfabricTG will still strongly run Silk and Cotton fabric business in Thailand as the main hub of whole company.

■ To follow my dream, I decided to leave the Leader agriculture multi-company in late 1st trimester of 2019. I know well, with this high risky on betting plan may push me to difficulty situation at any time. Therefore, I will use both my hands and my brain power to apply all skills I have, to drive business to the right direction as much as possible.


■ Maybe, a time of the huge changed of my life is close coming again. Beyond these unstable things, I ensure only one thing that MY REAL DREAM has already in my own hands. Working and living with balancing concept are what I have decided. From this point, I will lead my team to make different things. At least, we could support some local female on having better lifes. By using all skills I have surplus the trained skills from who I love & respect, goal of my life will be achieved for sure.

Only creative thinking and interpersonal skill can win all difficulties when step out of the safe zone

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG LEAD
Dr. TIGER, the LEAD of lovely little THfabricTG team - the small team who has small step but we have the great goal.
Work and life balance of Dr. Tiger to business, friendship, community and mankind

■ At this moment, the SYSTEMIC THINKING point of view WILL be learnt and practiced by my self-learning without any chances on internal or external trainings like a time when I was Junior management employee.

Benefits and problaby deligthness things from what I have planned, I appriciate to contribute to society and to the middle senior lady who I love&highly respect from my bottom of heart

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead, @Quietly cheers alone with glass of beer as used to – somewhere in Thailand

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