“PHA JONG” the specific fabric using in FUNERAL!

19th July 2019 By thfabrictg
PhuThai ladies and their clothing style.
Credit: http://www.isangate.com
Lady Shawl creation | Handwoven Step

■ PhuThai is a local ethic group in Northeast of Thailand. Acadamic souce of historic information has recorded that they moved from another side of Khong river to sattle in many places of the Northeast part of Thailand times ago.

■ Currently, they are the local people and mainly live in Kalasin, Sakonnakhon, Mukdaharn, Nakhon Pranom and Roi Et. THfabricTG would say that PhuThai is one of the ethic group who has long and rich in clothing traditional historic in Southeast Asean.

■ Silk and Cotton are the majority of PhuThai clothing materials. In the past, natural colour from plant is popular for cotton or silk staining step. Time past, 100% natural colour is now hardly ever seen but it is required among the collectors even paying higher is needed. Black is the most famous colour for PhuThai people ever. The black colour is always come from Indigo tree.

■ One interesting clothing culture of PhuThai is, some fabric has specific purpose of use. What THfabricTG is talking about, is “PHA JONG”.

“PHA JONG” or the lady shawn of PhuThai. Credit: http://www.openbase.in.th

■ “PHA JONG” or lady Shawl is currently still popular among PhuThai ladies and general Thai ladies. The dark red with occasionaly embed silk line can be seen on the fabric.

■ In the past, PHA JONG was not only used in the auspicious or favorable events but also in Funeral!

■ Actually, only COMMON “PHA JONG” was used to cover the coffin, to Give gonor or presenting respectation to the person who pass away as this kind of fabric has high value due to complexity of the creation step. Anyway, the fabric could be brought back and use in daily life after completness of funeral event.

“PRA WA” the master piece of lady shalw by khun Khumsorn, Thai national artist @BAN PON, Kalasin

■ Unlike the commond lady Shawl of PhuThai, another kind of famouse lady showl that can be found in Pan Pon, Kalasin province. This kind of lady showl has its unique name “PRA WA”. THfabricTG can surely say that no one brave enough to use “PRA WA” in any kind of unfavorable events. Many people must agree with the above statement as each “PRA WA” has almost same price to small vehicle or even small house in Thailand. We are talking about “Pra Wa Ban Pon” – one of the most famous lady shawl in Thailand.

Khun Kumsorn, Thai national artist with mudmee cotton in her hand

■ “Pra Wa Ban Pon” is the most enique, so much elegant and high-looked value lady shawl in Thailand. THfabricTG team had a chance to visit the famouse senior lady who is the master of master of weaver. Khun Khamsorn initiatly make this special lady shawl “Pra Wa Ban Pon” has been known as it be today.

Unique handwoven tool for creating the master piece of lady shawl “PRA WA”

■ Numbers MASTER PIECE of lady showl in this century were created by Khun Khamsorn is one of a few Thai national artist, the master of master Thai fabric weaver. Her collections are very popular among collectors and celebrities both localy and ouside Thailand.

Beyond the high price of each elegant lady shawn, there is so much more higher value of each item in term of creator attention, complexity, uniquely and creativity in there

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead


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