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19th July 2019 By thfabrictg

If you dream on becoming blogger and making profit from your knowledge and loving things. You have them already, do not wait, write them out and show the world. These are some steps you could begin. If you would like to have some inspiration story to help, CLICK below BOTTON

THfabricTG team

[A] Tools of Choices

■ Think about your website building tools or Blog page&Site provider and pick up your tools of Choice. THfabricTG highly recommend WordPress as it is the most famouse Blog and website builder with easy use & all necessary plugins you might need. CLICK botton below to have it now and begin to FOLLOW YOUR DREAM.


■ People who have talent on blog and content creation around the world are stay in touch at Fiverr – comunity for learning and selft developmwnt till becoming a strong person from any kind of safe zone.

■ Thus, everybody can use personal skills on helping other with internal special curency called GIG. One day, if you could reach professional level, working in the office may no longer matter for you at all. When Personal Talent and skills are clearly seen, freelance world will welcome the person with unlimit profit from special skills as a PRO.


■ Picking the right Hosting helps a lot on your blog performance. This is very important step to keep continue drive high trafic to your blog. The web hosting of choice can stably keep your blog loading time at a time of possibly bottle neck. The bottle neck event can slow website downloading.

■ This is the reason why majority of blogger move their website to host with other website hosting providers. Anyway, most of web hosting providers could offer the selling plan in yearly timeline. Therefore, one step forward THfabricTG team is going to highly recommend to you is, TRY TO SELECT THE WEBSITE HOSTING THAT ALLOW THE MONTHLY PLAN. Indeed, yearly contract is common found with majority website hosting providers. ANYWAY THIS CAUSE VERY EXPENSIVE BILL!!! The step of transferring from one hosting to another is so simple and common, trying to test ones for your beloved blog.

■ Then, you can permanently or long term decide what website hosting provider is the right and best one. Need THfabricTG suggeation? CLICK LINK or BANNER to have your hosting of choices!

Interserver Web Hosting and VPS Plans
Interserver Web Hosting and VPS Plans

[B] Stories of Choices

■ Writing stories of your choice and think about best way to trafic them to your target via many online community plattforms


■ All Writing materials such as Flip chart, pensil, colour pen, papers could help you a lot on mind maping all contents. Hand writing ia always used for other planning stage! Nowaday, people may find all the things they want just a few click online.

[C] Partner of Choices

■ If you just want to write something or have your own contents, just begin to write and regulary post them. This is what many blogger do.

■ If you would like to gain benefit from your blog, having partners to work with is a good thing to consider. Finding the right business partners to have the rigth contents feed to your blog such as other organizations, companies and retailers. Then, use all your creative skill present what your partners need. Many bloger love to do product review of their partners. How about you?

[D] WordPress Plugin of choice

■ make sure you use the most compattible plugins to your WordPress Blog. Bellows are what THfabricTG highly reccommends

  • Security | JetPack
  • Ads management | Ads Inserter
  • Ads publisher integration | infolinks
  • E-Commerce | WooCommerce and Amazon

Ads management plugin | Ads inserter Pro

■ Finding the nice Ads management for your perfect adsvertisement publishers and begin getting money from your blog or website. The one THfabricTG highly recommend is Ads inserter Pro. CLICK below to have it do job for you.

Ads Inserter Pro

Security plugin | JetPack

■ attacking from outside or mistaken of you on any activity could lead to Blog or Website damage. In addition, empower your WordPress Blog with ensure high security. The most powerfull and highly compatible with WordPress is JetPack. As it is design for WordPress, It is not difficult to install at all. With JetPack, WordPress Users no need to worry about any issues etc. site damage and attacking. CLICK botton bellow to have this MUST HAVE plugin with your WordPress.

JetPack | the highly recommened security plugin

Ads publisher integration | infolinks

■ If you follow our suggestions properly, at this step, you may have your own WordPress Blog or Website. Lets ready to earn money using Ads Publisher Plugin. The most easy one for blog beginner could be Infolinks. CLICK below to have your own.

E-Commerce plugin | WooCommerce

■ Believe or not, this is the Must have Plugin beside JetPack. As it is also designed for WordPress. Another thing is that tons of extension plugins are also developed for WooCommerce. Therefore, with this plugin, you can sale your own products on your WordPress blog with many functions and tricks available from WooCommerce. CLICK botton bellow to have WooCommerce integrates in your WordPress Blog.

■ Another marketplace of choice that its plugin with your WordPress is a MUST is Amazon. Once creating Amazon Business Account or Amazon Seller Account or Amazon Associated Account. Then, blogers or company can make more profit from Amazon Selling or Ads system or even get more usefulness of business-only pricing and quantity discounts.

blogers or company can make more profit from Amazon Selling or Ads system or even get more usefulness of business-only pricing and quantity discounts

[E] Think about content of choices

■ Contents or Stories that you could begin with as Blog beginner could be what happend around you or what things you have already known about them. The reason is to avoid too much time consuming for content preparation. Some examples of contents that could be begun with are shown below. CLICK bottons below to find them.




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