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2nd August 2019 By thfabrictg

By Bonita S.

Love Reading? Become Bloger & make profit from it | THfabricTG


■ If you dream on becoming blogger and making profit from your knowledge and loving things. Blogger is the best choice for earning more. As you have the contents in your head already, just write them out and have well plan for steps afterward.

■ Now, do not wait, write them out and show your story to the world. These are some steps you could begin;

  1. Think about your website building tools or Blog page&Site provider, the website keeper (Website hosting) and pick up your tools of Choice with cleaver package plan that most suit your objectives. This will allow you to maximize benefit of having your own blog or website with your available budget
  2. Writing stories of your choice and think about best way to trafic them to your target via many online community plattforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, facebook, google Adword and so on
  3. Finding the right business partners and Begin to make profit by allowing ads from your partners such as Google Adsense or other Ads publisher agency to allow showing or deliver ads to your website or blog


Why WordPress?

The reason why WordPress is the first choice for professional blogger

■ If you read above and reach this bullet, you may would like to know how to get WordPress and use it. LET’ S GO TO SEE THOSE STEPS TOGATHER!

Easy ways to have your own WordPress Blog

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■ Picking the right Hosting or Website Keeper provides a lot benefit to your blog performance. This is very important step to keep continue driving high trafic to your blog. The web hosting of choice can also stably keep your blog loading time at a time of possibly occuring traffic bottle neck. The bottle neck event can cause slow website downloading which is nightmare for bloggers around the world.

■ This is the reason why the majority of blogger move their website to host with other website hosting providers instead of the original one. Anyway, most of web hosting providers could offer the common selling plan in yearly timeline manner.

 “I think, having the right domain names for my websites is the rigth thing to do for my business setting up. Having the right Website builder and hosting is the CRUCIAL STEPS afterward”

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead

■ Therefore, one step forward that THfabricTG team is going to highly recommend to you is, TRY TO SELECT THE WEBSITE HOSTING THAT ALLOW THE MONTHLY PLAN. Indeed, yearly contract is common offered from the majority website hosting providers. ANYWAY THIS CAUSE VERY EXPENSIVE BILL!!! The step of transferring from one hosting to another is so simple and common, trying to test the monthly planable and CHEAP ONES for your beloved blog.

■ Then, you can long term or permanently decide what website hosting provider is the right and best one.

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