Focus SCOOP of Dr. Tiger | Simple Solution on e-commerce & Digital MKT Content Management

3rd August 2019 By thfabrictg

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead

■ While WordPress Pro website ( provides the wide space for my team to creatively generates contents that appriciate our clients, we also have e-commerce part that needs well management. As THfabricTG currently has 4 main inventories, ebay, etsy, amazon and WooCommerce, it looks difficulty on proper management while the Digital Marketing Content is also one important part of my business. CAN YOU GUESS, HOW I MANAGE THIS?

■ The funny thing is that THfabricTG team currently has 4 members. I, Dr. Tiger as the Lead, Bonita, who is only one lady in our team. She helps me on writing of the text part of content creations. She also helps me on the first round proof reading step prior my finalization and sign off for content online. I have one Graphic design guy working on overall pre photography and post processing steps. The another last guy helps me on social support programs. For instance, unability people, senior and animal care programs and fabric knowledge transfer projects.

■ At this point, someone may has a question like: HOW MY SMALL TEAM CAN BALANCE BOTH CONTENTS PRODUCTION AND E-COMMERCE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT TASKS by my small team? – only four of us.

■ My solution is so simple. With my experience on runing the online business and research on inventory managment point of view, the inteligent and easy to use software is the best choice to think off. LUCKY ENOUGH, I FOUND THE BEST ONE for setting up my business – THfabricTG | The hybrid of e-commerce and digital marketting content production business.

“I think, for the Leader who proactively think about expanding business in World class level, powerful inventory management tool is one of key tools for all success”

Dr. TIGER, THfabricTG Lead

■ BELOW IS MUST-HAVE & SUITABLE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE for initial business setting up. It is also one of the excellent software for future expanding size of the e-commerce business.

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