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WHO WE ARE? | THfabricTG

■ From children who know nothing, now we love and form group to tell fabric nice stories and set up PROJECT to help local stakeholdesrs and whole society. We are THfabricTG team


■ When we were children, Thai silk or thai silk fabric product can be seen every where around our home town villages. At that time, we have no idea how difficult is it, to finish one set of the local fabric.

■ Today, group of us has many chances to visit local Thai female group who lives at the origin place of Thai fabric production.

■ We, as “THfabricTG” was formed at the first trimester of 2019.

■ Since then, we though, it is a time for THfabricTG to do impactful things;

  • Do what can show the unseen fabric master pieces of Thailand
  • Do sharing information to others on Thai fabric products from many places around this country

Our main goal is finding the best channel to present story of these handmade fabric products, to show how elegant and high unique they are

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead


■ The first goal has been achieved. THfabricTG found the nice place like here for publishing our stories and ready to contribute our tricks for people who want to be bloger.

■ It is so meaning for us to run fabric business as it is one way to support our key stakeholders – local female groups who weave fabric as their hobby

the most eligant product from Esan ethic group, Phu-Thai


■ Last but not least, with THfabricTG hope, to support not only the groups of local female around Thailand but also we willing to set programs or projects on carring disability, senior people, children and animal.

■ Now, the first project has been initiated! This could help all stakeholders manage below problem together.

■ THfabricTG committed on bringing high value of nice handmade products to world

■ Time runs fast and we totally fight with that. THfabricTG alone cannot complete the job.

■ Therefore, we set the most suitable subprogram to ask supportive from our volunteers around the world on finding funding sources.

■ This program is called “Afilliate“. Let’s share your great idea and join us!

■ Groups of local females create fabric from their hearts. They create Thai fabric for wearing, decorating or collecting and want to present the products to people around the world. Therefore, THfabricTG step in to help and support them

■ Now, let’s read some stories of our products from our official BLOG from the BANNER below

THfabricTG team – @Bangkok, Thailand


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