■ Afilliate

WIN-WIN, THfabricTG could acchieve our goal while 20% benefit will be shared to you along Program we are going to do together

■ THfabricTG willing to run the knowledge transfer project to benefit all stakeholders. The key persons are local female groups across Thailand. All getting involve in local fabric value chain

■ You can directly Head to the key paragraph of this project rationale from the 3rd main topic: “Phase III – Goal strategy (July 2019 – July 2020)

■ We offer 20% Commission for our current afilliate program. Join our affiliate program! and get 20% commission once introduce donors till they complete donation process


■ After sign up the form, you will be ready to do the great thing with us using assets from [A] and follow our direction for your initial idea. Make it fun!

[A] USE Available assets from us

■ Are you Ready to use BANNER?

You can Download this banner. Once you get your own referal URL Link, you just link it with this banner and place it on your website

You could also design your banner. It works well in the way you would like it to be. Cheer!

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead

[B] Making new page with THfabricTG key stories

■ You could download other set of BANNERs bellow for telling our donors on project background.

The reason why the project is designed

■ This is a good way to get your readers attention. Then, place the [landing URL link] at the end of your new page. This landing URL Link will be the key if your targets/readers could be turned into your Donors

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead



Are you ready to place it? Beside putting naked link, you could embed URL link with BOTTON or PHOTO or BANNER

THfabricTG team

[D] Monitor your audience

■ Once your readers notice and click on the LANDING URL, the link will DIRECTLY bring your readers to the Donation page

Are you ready to tract your progress of this tricker action?

THfabricTG team

■ The more places you communicate your readers, the higher chance of turning them to our donors as high Conversion rate. Dont forget to use # to the target of interest on any social media!

[E] Final Step

■ If donation process success, 20% of that donated amount will be yours.

■ What The LIVE Donation Stat bellow will be looked like, DEPEND ON US!

Total donated amount

[charitable_stat display=total]

Total Donors

[charitable_stat display=donors]

Creative thinking wins all JUST DO IT actions. Good Luck!

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead

“Be creative and flexible with your idea. Our suggestions may not better perform compare to other hundred of hundred ideas FROM YOU”

Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG Lead

Let’s build something together.



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