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MEE TUM ZAAD, Latest lady of seven dauthers who we finally found

This is the third member of “TUM” set, MEE TUM ZAAD comes with bright red-pink colour

Mee-Whee Silk from Northeast, Thailand

From the comb Esan female to the stunning pattern of Thai Mudmee fabric

Kham Pia, charm of arty fruit on Thai Silk pattern

floral part of KHAM PIA, silk fabric connects to objects or fruit or things around

Twin Nakhee, unique & elegant handmade Thai Silk

PhuThai people believe that finishing of “Preparation of living tools” before her own family settlement is the right thing to do and will prove her eligible to be a good wife and mother in the future

Sa-rong – Old style of way to create 100% Thai silk Sarong

Advertisements ■ Like other Thai silk or Thai silk fabric products, Sarong made from cotton or 100% silk can tell Thai Esan Life style in the past very well. Video preview on the old style of way to create 100% Thai silk Sarong ■ As sarong has its own uniuque pattern and colour, Sarong is […]