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■ This is the close up VDO of Mudmee silk fabric. The Hightlight of this eligant product is 100% silk cultured by group of senior ladies from Roi Et, Thailand.

“This JEE PECH WAS MADE FROM 100% silk cultured by group of senior ladies from Roi Et, Thailand”

■ Due to silk was not produced from factory, the texture will have a bit rough – this is normally found in 100% natural handmade silk fabric. With bright colour from high attended weaver, as the product from the master of Thai silk creator. Its Pattern name is “Jee-Pech” or “The Diamond”, the totally Colour of blue diamond on its texture.

Normally, 100% natural silk fabric made by hand has rough texture compare to one produced from factory

■ This JEE PECH with Blue marine colore has Size: 100×180 cm. This size is standars size for Thai lDy who wants to were it as long cloth covering legs part. Unfortunately, THfabricTG has no any of JEE PECH in our work station. 1.5 to 2 month from now is needed for the next set off this elegant Thai silk fabric.


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