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KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR | Knowledge transfer project

Project Introduction VDO
PROJECT: Knowlede transfering of KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR
Dr. Tiger, THfabricTG LEAD, Project Manager


Khun Punjakee Suwannatri, the professional Weaver | The Master who is going to teach qualified student
Khun Nipool W. Teacher from community Bunglert Primary School. He will help on looking for eligible students to join program

■ The knowledge transfer project is designed for managing difficulty situation of some silk or cotton fabrics that has no more next knowledge recieved generation. with this, local people will no longer face with dissappere of some special fabric due to regarded issue.

About local stakeholders

■ Voluntary students will be given scholarship as gift and their strong hearth to learn for 2 hours a day after school and during weekend. The fabric creator (as master of weaver) will be also funded on all matterials needed, learning place and time distribution. local Teachers who support on recruitment eligible & qualified students to the program could use all resouces & progress for their high quality porfolio on social supportive point of view.


■ Knowledge Transfer Project | PROJECT donation: Knowlede transfering of KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR
■ Goal 15000 USD
■ Now – July 2020
■ Stakeholders local Students, Master fabric handwoven, teachers in Bunglert, Moeiwadee district, Roi Et province, Thailand and THfabricTG team, Thailand
■ Donor Worldwild
■ Note: at 50% of 15000 USD, ininiate the program launching
■ Status Local stakeholder engagement was done. In process of finding the 3 right students get involve in the project


■ THfabricTG team will help on stakeholders coordination, drive the project and finding funding sources from kindly donors around the world – using all strategy & Digital MKT tools we have in place. Two types of supportive could be done from your site.


■ The second one is PROJECT DONATION

■ Bellow Product Commercial profit | 10% will be contributed to the project

Please Help Our Cause by purchasing the coin with us. Your support will be part of student scholarship of this Project


■ Win-Win situation would be the rope to engage all stakeholders togather. We, THfabricTG team, lead by Dr. Tiger will push and move the project faward till we all get our team acchievement. Now, the project donation is in preparation stage. It will be launched at a time we get 50% of funding goal amount is (15,000 USD).

■ Ofcause, the total estimated budget needed for food, transportation, materials, scholarships and relavant expenses is 15K USD.

■ This cheap amount of cash that could help on one effective way to keep (non-estimatable) value of two special PhuThai fabrics, KAP KAW&KAP PHEE SEUR for the next generation.

● Donors who interest on donation, please take this chance to support.

Budget needed


● upto 500 USD for each interested local student (food and drinking)

● upto 500 USD will be funded to the weaver on knowledge transfer process

● upto 500 USD for materials and transportation

Progress report

● by trisemester, THfabricTH will continue update the process of this program to all kindness donors via E-mail and newsletter

KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR | Knowledge transfer project

■ We are looking for unseen Local Fabric across Thailand, to digest and present all readers around the world

Let’s build something together.


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