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“PHA JONG” the specific fabric using in FUNERAL!

PHA JONG was not only used in the auspicious or favorable events but also in Funeral!

KHUN MARK BENG | create with believe and respected mind

Banana leaves will be prepared in layer form of triangle or pagoda shape. Beside banana leaves, 5 sets of amaranth or calendula could be added with others 5 sets of betel leaf, betel nut, incense and candle

KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR | Cotton Fabric

KAP KAW and KAP PHEE SEUR have unique style as they were all created by hand. The old style of handwoven was used with feet pushing sticks

Twin Takho – floral was created times ago but it is NOT OUT OF THE TIME

Floral part is hightly sugested for producing the lower part of lady cloth while the Ground colour part is sugested for the upper part instead

KAP BAAD, the highlight of THfabricTG

KAP BAAD, the highlight of THfabricTG
most eligant product from Esan ethic group, Phu-Thai. This is well known Handmade 100% Thai vintage woven

Twin Nakhee, unique & elegant handmade Thai Silk

PhuThai people believe that finishing of “Preparation of living tools” before her own family settlement is the right thing to do and will prove her eligible to be a good wife and mother in the future