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KAP BAAD, the highlight of THfabricTG

KAP BAAD, the highlight of THfabricTG
most eligant product from Esan ethic group, Phu-Thai. This is well known Handmade 100% Thai vintage woven

“BENCHARONG” means 5 colours – Reason why it was named

Each colour, one by one will be appied with personal high skill and technique needed, that was trained by people years ago

Mee-Whee Silk from Northeast, Thailand

From the comb Esan female to the stunning pattern of Thai Mudmee fabric

Twin Nakhee, unique & elegant handmade Thai Silk

PhuThai people believe that finishing of “Preparation of living tools” before her own family settlement is the right thing to do and will prove her eligible to be a good wife and mother in the future